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Divisions and Laboratories

The School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering is organized into four Divisions, each including a number of laboratories on various subjects.

Environmental & Energy Management, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (DIVISION Ι)

Division I is engaged in the field of sciences / areas of specialization: Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation; Sustainable Energy; Energy Savings and Renewable Energy Sources; General, Organic, Environmental and Aqueous Chemistry; Instrumental Chemical Analysis; Chemistry of the  Atmosphere; Geology; Physics; Greenhouse gases and Climate Change; Forest Fires and Climate Change; Air Pollution; Public Health; Environmental Legislation, etc.

DIVISION I LaboratoriesHead
Atmospheric Aerosols LaboratoryM. Lazaridis
Atmospheric Environment and Climate Change LaboratoryA. Voulgrakis
Aquatic Chemistry LaboratoryE. Psillakis
Environmental Law and Environmental Governance LaboratoryE. Maria
Energy Management in the Built Environment Laboratory D. Kolokotsa
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems LaboratoryT.Tsoutsos
Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management LaboratoryA. Giannis

Process Development, Analysis and Design (DIVISION ΙΙ):

Division II is engaged in the field of sciences / areas of specialization: Chemical, biochemical and Environmental Process Design and Analysis;  Thermodynamics; Calculus, Mathematics and Statistics; Numerical Analysis and Programming; Environmental Engineering; Unit Operations; Process Control; Physical Chemistry; Transport Phenomena; Fluid Mechanics; Byproducts process manufacturing; Natural Gas, Biogas and Hydrogen Technology; Fuel and Lubricant Technology; Microbiology and Biological Processes; Food Technology; Ecological Engineering and Technology, etc.

DIVISION II LaboratoriesHead
Biochemical Engineering & Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory 
Bioeconomy and Biosystems Economics LaboratoryS. Rozakis
Design of Environmental Processes LaboratoryP. Gikas
Environmental Engineering and Management LaboratoryE. Diamadopoulos
A. Stefanakis
Environmental Engineering Laboratory (TUCeeL)K. Chrysikopoulos
Environmental Microbiology LaboratoryD. Venieri
Mathematics LaboratoryA. Manoussakis
Stochastic models LaboratoryT. Daras

Material Science, Nano-Technology and Biotechnology applications (DIVISION ΙIΙ):

Division III is engaged in the field of sciences / areas of specialization: Solid State Physics; Crystallography; Instrumental Chemical Analysis & Characterization of Materials; Surface Science; Heterogeneous Catalysis; Photocatalysis and Electrocatalysis; Corrosion of materials; Polymers and Macromolecules Science and Technology; Metallurgy; Materials Science and Technology; Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology; Biomaterials & Biopolymers; Ceramics & Porous Materials; Catalytic and Energy Storage Materials, Electrocatalytic Materials-Fuel Cells; Biomedical Technology and Materials etc.

DIVISION III LaboratoriesHead
Environmental Catalysis LaboratoryP. Panagiotopoulou
Environmental Organic Chemistry LaboratoryN. Xekoukoulotakis
Physical Chemistry and Chemical Processes Laboratory               I. Yentekakis

Environmental Hydraulics & Coastal and Geoenvironmental Engineering (DIVISION ΙV):

Division IV is engaged in the field of sciences / areas of specialization: Hydrology; Hydraulics; Hydraulic works, Surface-water and groundwater management; Environmental Rehabilitation (soil, groundwater and surface water); Nature based solutions and technologies; Agricultural Technology; Fluid Mechanics; Marine Environmental Hydraulics; Coastal Engineering, Port Works; Geodesy; Geographic Information Systems; Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Seismic Engineering; Computational Dynamics, etc.

DIVISION ΙV LaboratoriesHead
Agricultural Engineering LaboratoryN. Paranychianakis
Computational Dynamics & Energy Laboratory (CODEN)Y. Tsompanakis
Geodesy and Geographical Information Systems Research UnitA. Tsouchlaraki
Geoenvironmental Engineering LaboratoryG. Karatzas
Hydrogeochemical Engineering and Soil Remediation LaboratoryN. Nikolaidis
Water Resources Management and Coastal Engineering Laboratory