Research Assistants

The researchers who participate in the research activities of the department are the following: 

Division I: Environmental Management

Name Title E-mail
Maria Aivalioti Environmental Engineer, PhD maivalioti<at>
Athanasios Androulakis Chemical Engineer, PhD candidate aanroulakis<at>
Ioannis Argyriou Physics, PhD candidate (suspended) iargyriou<at>
Maria Aryblia Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD Candiate maryblia<at>
Nikolaos Chalkiadakis Mechanical Engineer, PhD Candidate
Stelios Diakrousis Mineral Resources Engineer, MSc, PhD candidate sdiakrousis<at>
Evita Dialyna Environmental Engineer, PhD candidate edialyna<at>
Maria Frangou Physicist, MSc maria.frangou<at>
Marina Giamalaki Civil Engineer, MSc marinagiamal<at>
Pandora Gkeka-Serpetsidaki Production Engineer & Management, PhD Candidate pandwgkeka6<at>
Kostas Gobakis Physicist, PhD kgobakis<at>
Nikos Kampelis Electrical and Electronic Engineer, PhD nkampelis<at>
Aliki Kokka Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate akokka<at>
Katerina Lilli Civil Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate katerina.lilli.a<at>
George Makaroglou Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate gmakaroglou<at>
Anthoula Manali Chemist, MSc, PhD Candidate amanali<at>
Aggeliki Mavrigiannaki Architect, PhD amavrigiannaki<at>
Ioannis Moukazis Environmental Engineer imoukazis<at>
Panagiotis Papoulias Environmental Engineer, MSc ppapoulias432<at>
Fotini Simantiraki Environmental Engineer, PhD fotini.simantiraki02<at>
Nikos Sifakis Environmental Engineer, PhD nikos.sifakis<at>
Georgia Skiniti Environmental Engineer, Final Year of studies gskiniti<at>
Stavroula Tournaki Chemical Engineer, MSc s.tournaki<at>
Katerina Troullaki Electrical Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate atroullaki<at>
Konstantinos Tsamoutsoglou Environmental Engineer, PhD Candidate ktsamoutsoglou<at>
Elisavet Tsekeri Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate etsekeri<at>

Division II: Environmental Process Design and Analysis

Name Title E-mail
Eleftheria Chalvatzaki Environmental Engineer, PhD elmhper<at>
Sofia Eirini Chatoutsidou Chemical Engineer, PhD sochatoutsidou<at>
Evina Gontikaki Biologist, PhD egontikaki<at>
Katerina Drosou Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate edrosous<at>
Sotiris Fanourgiakis Environmental Engineer, MSc sfanourgiakis<at>
Theothosia Fountouli Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate  tfountouli<at>
Grammatiki Goula Chemical Engineer, PhD mgoula<at>
Manolis Grillakis Environmental Engineer, PhD
Eirini Boleti Physicist, MSc, PhD eirini.boleti<at>
Irina Kandylioti Environmental Engineer, PhD Candidate ikandylioti<at>
Eleni Manousaki Chemist, PhD emanous<at>
Ersi Nikolaraki Environmental Engineer, PhD Candidate
Aggeliki Pateraki Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate apateraki5<at>
Panagiotis Regouzas Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate cronoreg<at>
Anastasios Rovithakis Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate
Aggeliki Saridaki Biologist, PhD asaridaki1<at>
Kostas Seiradakis   kostas<at>
Nikoleta Solomou Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate nsolomou<at>
Eudokia Syranidou Biologist, PhD evdokiasyranidou<at>

Division III: Environmental Hydraulics and Geoenvironmental Engineering

Name Title E-mail
Stella Giannopoulou Surveyor Engineer, MSc stegian<at>
Dionissis Efstathiou Electronics and Computer Engineer, PhD Candidate dionissis.efstathiou<at>
Miltos Kakaroglou Cultural Technology and Media mkakaroglou<at>
Antonios Lyronis Electonics and Computer Engineer lyronis.a<at>
Maria Lilli Environmental Engineer, PhD marialilli02<at>
Nikos Polakis Surveyor Engineer, MSc npolakis<at>
Maria-Liliana Saru Chemist, MSc msaru<at>
Stella Voutsadaki Chemist, PhD svoutsadaki<at>
Irene Vozinaki Applied Mathematics, PhD anthirini<at>