Efpraxia (Aithra) Maria
Professor, Environmental Law 

Environmental Law and Environmental Goverance Laboratory
Division I: Environmental & Energy Management, Sustainable Development and Climate Change

Extended CV (pdf)



  • 1998: PhD in Environmental Law, Faculty of Law, University of Athens, Greece
  • 1988: MSc in Public Law, Faculty of Law, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 1984: Law Degree, Faculty of Law, University of Athens, Greece

Research Interests

Legal and interdisciplinary research on:

  • Biodiversity/Agro-biodiversity legal issues  
    • Forest protection,
    • Landscape protection 
    • Genetic resources
    • Plant genetic resources/forest genetic resources
    • In situ conservation/Protected Areas
    • Ex situ conservation
    • Gene Banks & Seed Banks
    • Botanical Gardens
    • Urban Gardens, Historical Gardens
  • Forest policy and climate change legal issues
  • Environmental and landscape governance
  • Energy Law legal issues 
    • Renewable Energy Sources
    • Energy saving in buildings
    • Smart metering
  • Monitoring and observation Earth technologies and environmental compliance legal issues

Participation in Research Programs and Projects

  • Participation as Scientific Coordinator: "Legal issues derived from the use of monitoring and observation Earth technologies to ensure environmental compliance in the Hellenic legal order (HELLASNOMOSAT), https://www.eleg.tuc.gr/el/ereyna/hellasnomosat, ESPA (OPS MIS 5047355), Period 1.2.2020 - 31.5.2021.
  • Participation as researcher: “Conservation Actions for Threatened Mediterranean Island Flora: ex-situ and in-situ joint actions” CARE-MEDIFLORA, http://www.care-mediflora.eu, April 2016-June 2019, MAVA Foundation [Legal framework investigation]
  • Participation as General Scientific Coordinator: ESPA-EU (OPS 5000346), “Codification of forest legislation”, 2014-2016, www.kdn.ypeka.gr, European Social Fund- ESF through the Operational Programme  OP Public Sector Reform 2014-2020. 
  • Participation as researcher: "BUILD UP Skills UPSWING-UPgrading the construction Sector Workforce traINing and qualification in Greece", Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE), 2014-2017,
  • Participation as researcher: "ΝΕΖΕΗ - Nearly Zero Energy Hotels", Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE), 1-4-2013 until 31-3-2016.

Recent Publications

    • E.A. Maria, “Genetic Resources in Environmental Law. Concept, regulatory framework and governance”, Publ. Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens 2021, ISBN 978-960-654-351-7 (book, 395 pages, monograph, in Greek).
    • E.A. Maria, “The legal protection of landscape in International, European Community and national law”, Publ. Ant. Sakkoulas, Athens 2009, ISBN 978-960-15-2298-2 (book, 569 pages, monograph, in Greek).
    • E.A. Maria, “Forest Legislation”, Publ. Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens 2011, ISBN 978-960-272-785-0 (Annotated Forest Legislation i.e. with extensive bibliography and case law comments), p. 1372, (in Greek).
    • E-A Maria, D. Manou, G-P Limniou, E. Asimakopoulou, 2020, «Βotanic gardens as “registered collections” under the EU ABS Regulation: Paving the way for sustainability in Greece», (book chapter, Conference Proceedings), pp. 202-207, in: M.D. Espírito-Santo, A.L. Soares & M. Veloso (eds), 2020, Botanic Gardens, People and Plants for a Sustainable World, IsaPress, Lisboa.
    • E.A. Maria, 2019, “The implementation of the European Landscape Convention in the Hellenic legal order: challenges, basic problems and concerns” (book chapter, Conference Proceedings), pp. 401-411, in: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Post-Graduate programme in Landscape Architecture, Publ. Ziti, Thessaloniki, ISBN: 978-960-456-542-9 (in Greek).
    • E-A Maria & G-P Limniou, “Legal framework in Greece regarding the ABS regime, implementation gaps and issues requiring national and international attention”, pp. 137-161 in : B. Coolsaet, F. Batur, A. Broggiato, J. Pitseys, T. Dedeurwaerdere (eds.), Implementing the Nagoya Protocol. Comparing Access and Benefit-Sharing regimes in Europe, ISBN 978-90-04-293205 (2015), Brill Nijhoff.
    • E.A. Maria «Act 3937/20111 for biodiversity conservation: critical approach in the light of recent developments in international and EU law on genetic resources»     (contribution in Honorary Volume), pp. 1035-1062, in:  Honorary Volume for 50 years of Administrative Courts, Publ. Sakkoulas SA, Athens-Thessaloniki, 2015, ISBN  978-960-568-320-7 (in Greek).
    • M. Maniadaki, A. Papathanasopoulos, L. Mitrou & E-A Maria, 2021, “Reconciling Remote Sensing Technologies with Personal Data and Privacy Protection in the European Union: Recent developments in Greek legislation and application perspectives in Environmental law”, Special Issue “Laws and Emerging Technologies”, Laws 10 (2) 33; https://doi.org/10.3390/laws10020033, pp. 1-19.
    • E-A Maria, A. Papathanasopoulos, M. Maniadaki, 2020, “Natura 2000 Forest areas in Greece : a national implementation review”, Zeitschrift fur Europäisches Umwelt-und Planungs recht (EurUP I), vol. 18, Issue 1, pp. 68-85.
    • T.S. Terkenli, T. Daras, E-A Maria, 2019, “Landscape Notions among Greek Engineering Students: Exploring Landscape Perceptions, Knowledge and Participation”, Land 8 (5): 83, pp. 1-19, available in: https://doi.org/10.3390/land8050083.

Ph.D. Candidates

  • Maria Maniadaki
  • Athanasios Papathanasopoulos