Dimitrios Gournis
Professor, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
Physical Chemistry and Chemical Processes Laboratory
Division III: Material Science, Nano-Technology and Biotechnology applications

Extended CV (pdf)


  • Office: 141.Β.93 (Science Building, L) 
  • Tel.: +30 28210 37235 
  • Email: dgournis<at>tuc.gr
  • Lab URL: www.pccplab.tuc.gr 
  • Office Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 10:00 - 17:00


  • 1998: Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry, at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • 1992: First Degree (B.Sc.) in Chemistry, University of Ioannina, Greece

Research Interests

  • Chemistry of Nanomaterials (synthesis, characterization and study of properties)
  • Layered (2D) materials [inorganic layered structures, clay-based materials (clays, pillared clays, organo-clays, LDHs), carbon layered structures, TMDs, germanane, MXenes, etc],
  • Carbon nanostructures [carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, graphene, graphite oxide, carbon dots, molecular diamonds]
  • Hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposites,
  • Mesoporous materials
  • Metallic (magnetic, semiconducting or catalytic) nanoparticles
  • Biomimetic materials and biocatalysts
  • Research approach focuses on the areas of catalytic, energy, environmental, magnetic, electronic, optical, composite construction, bio-related and medical applications.
  • Characterization techniques: powder XRD; FTIR, Raman, UV-Vis, EPR and Mossbauer spectroscopies, DTA/DSC/TGA, porosity measurements, AFM and SEM microscopy.

Participation in Research Programs and Projects

  • 2023-2025: Flagship Actions “Advanced Nanostructured Materials for Sustainable Growth: Green Energy Production/Storage, Energy Saving and Environmental Remediation (GREENMAT)”, institutional budget 600,000 € (Total 2.456.404€, GSRT-Greece)
  • 2023-2026: HFRI-Basic Research Financing Action “Innovative design of stable, efficient and in situ regenerable nanocatalysts for CO2 recycling by CO2 methanation and CO2 reforming by methane processes (StableCO2Nanocat)”, team budget 180,000 € (Total 400,000 €, HFRI)
  • 2023-2026: HFRI-Basic Research Financing Action “Green and Sustainable Photochemical Upcycling of Plastic Waste and Biobased Polymers to High-Added Value Chemicals (PhotoUpPlas)”, budget TUC 115,000 € (Total 400,000 €, HFRI)
  • 2020-2023: Research-Create-Innovate II “Design and develpopment of a sweat-based glucose monitoring graphene nanodevice (closed-loop) with controlled transdermal nanoemulsion release for hypoglycemic drug delivery” group budget 150,080 € (Total 901,930 €, GSRT-Greece)
  • 2020-2023: Research-Create-Innovate II “Development and pilot scale demonstration of an innovative, effective and eco-friendly process for the production of clean hydrogen and electrical power generation from biogas” group budget 102,000 € (Total 1,000,000 €, GSRT-Greece)

Distinctions and Awards

  • Associate Editor of Frontiers in Materials (specialty section: Carbon-based Materials; IF: 3.2)
  • Member of the Editorial board of the journals: (i) Molecules (Section Editor in ‘Materials Chemistry’, IF: 4.6) ,(ii) Nanomaterials (Section Editor in ‘2D and Carbon Nanomaterials’, IF. 5.3) and (iii) Materials Futures (IOP publishing).
  • Member of the board (2016-2018) of the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI, elected representative of University of Ioannina)
  • Director of (i) interdepartmental post-graduate (MSc) program “Chemistry and Technology of Materials” of the University of Ioannina (2018-2022) and (ii) post-graduate (MSc) program “Advanced Material Technologies” of the Dept Mater. Sci. Engineer. of University of Ioannina (2022-2023).
  • Editor of Special Topic ‘Carbon Superstructures: From Synthesis to Applications’ in Frontiers in Materials (co-eds. V. Georgakilas, G. Froudakis, January 2018)
  • Guest Editor of Special Issues: (i) ‘Nanomaterials in Catalysis Applications’ in Catalysts (IF 3.6, co-eds. I.V. Yentekakis, M.A. Karakassides, www.mdpi.com/si/27897), (ii) ‘Chemistry and Physics of Low-Dimensional Materials’ in Molecules (co-eds. P. Rudolf, R. Macovez, www.mdpi.com/si/43709).
  • Member of the scientific committee in 6 Conferences (e.g. 34th ECIS, Athens, Sept. 2020)
  • Two teaching scholarships as experienced researcher in UPC, Barcelona (2012) and Univ. Calabria, Italy (CNISM, 2006).
  • Research Scholarship from the NSCR for the entire period of the Ph.D. thesis (1993-1998). Admission after introductory examinations.

Recent Publications

  • A. Rontogianni, Ν. Chalmpes, E. Nikolaraki, G. Botzolaki, A. Androulakis, A. Stratakis, P. Zygouri, D. Moschovas, A. Avgeropoulos, M.Α. Karakassides, D. P. Gournis, S. Tsatsos, G. Kyriakou, N. K. Boukos, P. Panagiotopoulou and I. V. Yentekakis. Εfficient CO2 hydrogenation over mono- and bi-metallic RuNi/MCM-41 catalysts: Controlling CH4 and CO products distribution through the preparation method and/or partial replacement of Ni by Ru. Chemical Engineering Journal (2023) Vol. 474, article 145644
  • N. Chalmpes, M. Patila, A. Kouloumpis, C. Alatzoglou, K. Spyrou, M. Subrati, A. C. Polydera, A. B. Bourlinos, H. Stamatis and D. Gournis. Graphene Oxide–Cytochrome c Multilayered Structures for Biocatalytic Applications: Decrypting the Role of Surfactant in Langmuir–Schaefer Layer Deposition. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2022) Vol. 14, No. 22, p. 26204
  • F. Yan, S. Kumar, K. Spyrou, A. Syari'ati, O. De Luca1, E. Thomou, E. M. Alfonsín, D. Gournis and P. Rudolf. Highly efficient remediation of chloridazon and its metabolites: the case of graphene oxide nanoplatelets. ACS ES&T Water (2021) Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 157
  • T. Giousis, G. Potsi, A. Kouloumpis, K. Spyrou, Y. Georgantas, N. Chalmpes, K. Dimos, M.-K. Antoniou, G. Papavassiliou, A. B. Bourlinos, H. J. Kim, V. K. S. Wadi, S. Alhassan, M. Ahmadi, B. J. Kooi, G. Blake, D. M. Balazs, M. A. Loi, D. Gournis and P. Rudolf. Synthesis of 2D germanane (GeH): a new, fast and facile approach. Angewandte Chemie- International Edition (2021) Vol. 60, No. 1, p. 360
  • P. Zygouri, K. Spyrou, E. Mitsari, M. Barrio, R. Macovez, M. Patila, H. Stamatis, I. I. Verginadis, A. P. Velalopoulou, A. M. Evangelou, Z. Sideratou, D. Gournis and Petra Rudolf*. A facile approach to hydrophilic oxidized fullerenes and their derivatives as cytotoxic agents and supports for nanobiocatalytic systems. Scientific Reports (2020) Vol. 10, article 8244.
  • Q. Chen, L. Liang, G. Potsi, P. Wan, J. Lu, T. Giousis, E. Thomou, D. Gournis, P. Rudolf, and J. Ye. Highly conductive metallic state and strong spin-orbit interaction in annealed germanane. Nano Letters (2019) Vol. 19, No. 3, p. 1520-1526
  • A. Kouloumpis, N. Vourdas, P. Zygouri, N. Chalmpes, G. Potsi, V. Kostas, K. Spyrou, V. N. Stathopoulos, D. Gournis and P. Rudolf. Controlled deposition of fullerene derivatives within a graphene template by means of a modified Langmuir-Schaefer method. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2018) Vol. 524, p. 388-398
  • K. Dimos, F. Arcudi, A. Kouloumpis, I. B. Koutselas, P. Rudolf, D. Gournis and M. Prato. Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Transparent, Flexible and Luminescent Nitrogen-Doped Carbon NanoDots-Clay Hybrid Film. Nanoscale (2017) Vol. 9, No.29, p. 10256-10262
  • K. Spyrou, M. Calvaresi, E. K. Diamanti, T. Tsoufis, D. Gournis, P. Rudolf and F. Zerbetto. Graphite oxide and aromatic amines: Size matters. Advanced Functional Materials (2015) Vol. 25, No. 2, p. 263-269
  • K. Spyrou, G. Potsi, E. K. Diamanti, X. Ke, E. Serestatidou, I. I. Verginadis, A. P. Velalopoulou, A. M. Evangelou, Y. Deligiannakis, G. Van Tendeloo, D. Gournis and P. Rudolf. Towards novel multi-functional pillared nanostructures: effective intercalation of adamantylamine in graphene oxide and smectite clays. Advanced Functional Materials (2014) Vol. 24, No. 37, p. 5841-5850.
  • R. Y. N. Gengler, D. S. Badali, D. Zhang, K. Dimos, K. Spyrou, D. Gournis and D. R. J. Miller. Revealing the ultrafast process behind the photoreduction of graphene oxide. Nature Communications (2013) Vol. 4, Article Number: 2560
  • A. Enotiadis, K. Angjeli, N. Baldino, N. Isabella, and D. Gournis. Graphene-based Nafion nanocomposite membranes: Enhanced proton transport and water retention by novel organo-functionalized graphene oxide nanosheets. Small (2012) Vol. 8, No. 21, p. 3338-3349
  • R.Y.N. Gengler, A. Veligura, A. Enotiadis, E. K. Diamanti, D. Gournis, C. J?zsa, B. J. van Wees, and P. Rudolf. Large yield preparation of high electronic quality graphene by a Langmuir-Schaefer approach. Small (2010) Vol. 6, p. 35.

Ph.D. Candidates

  • Sakavitsi Viktoria
  • Kaloudi Aggeliki