Petros Gikas
Professor, Environmental Engineering 

Design of Environmental Processes Laboratory
Division I: Environmental Management

Extended CV (pdf)



  • 1996: Ph.D.:  Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Department of Chemical Engineering, London,UK
  • 1990: Diploma in Chemical Engineering, NTUA.

Research Interests

  • Major research target: Design of energy positive wastewater treatment plants
  • Research focus: Liquid and solid waste management and water resources management:
    • Wastewater treatment processes
    • Water reclamation and reuse
    • Removal/valorization of nitrogen from wastewater using encapsulated microorganisms
    • Effect of heavy metals on the behaviour of microorganisms
    • Municipal Solid Waste and Biosolids management, with emphasis on energy production
    • Integrated water resources management

Participation in Research Programs and Projects

  •  “Pilot scale investigation for energy production from solid waste remaining, using the gasification process”, funded by: United Association of Solid Waste Management for Crete (ongoing).
  • “New concept for energy self-sustainable wastewater treatment process and biosolids management”, LIFE B2E4SustWWTP (LIFE16 ENV/GR/000298), funded by: European Commission (ongoing).
  • “Bioconversion of CO2 into High-added Value Bioproducts through Sustainable Microalgae Cultivation Processes”, CO2-BioProducts, funded by: EYDE-ETAK (Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs) (ongoing).
  • “Research project for the valorization of biogas at the landfill of “Pera Galinoi” (Heraklion, Crete)”, funded by: United Association of Solid Waste Management for Crete (2015-2017).
  •  “Management Plan for the River Water Basin of Aegean Islands, with emphasis on point pollution sources”, funded by: Hellenic Special Secretariat for Water, Ministry of Environment and Energy (2013-2015).

Distinctions and Awards

  • Special advisor to the Hellenic Special Secretariat for Water, for issues related with the implementation of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60EC, and representative of Greece to the European Commission Working Group “Chemicals”, for the establishment of Environmental Quality Standards (EQS)
  • Advisor to the Greek-German Assembly (Deutsch-Griechische Versammlung-DGV), for water and waste management/treatment issues  
  • Associate Editor for the Journal of Environmental Management (Elsevier). Member of the Editorial Boards for the journals: Heliyon (Elsevier), BioMed Research International (Hindawi) και British Journal of Environment and Climate Change (Science Domain International)

Recent Publications

  • A. Siatou, A. Manali and P. Gikas, 2020, "Energy Consumption and Internal Distribution in Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plants of Greece", Water, Vol.: 12, 1204, Pp. 1-16, doi:10.3390/w12041204.
  • E. Vaiopoulou and P. Gikas, 2020, "Regulations for Chromium Emissions to the Aquatic Environment in Europe and Elsewhere", Chemosphere, 254, 126876.
  • M. Farazaki and P. Gikas, 2019, “Nitrification-Denitrification of Municipal Wastewater without Recirculation, Using Encapsulated Microorganisms”, Journal of Environmental Management, Vol.:242, Pp.: 258-265. doi: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2019.04.054.
  • P. Gikas, E. Ranieri, D. Sougioultzis, M. Farazaki and G. Tchobanoglous, 2017, “Alternative collection systems for decentralized wastewater management: An overview and case study of the vacuum collection system in Eretria town, Greece”, Water Practice and Technology, Vol.:12, Iss.: 3, Pp.: 604-618,
  • P. Gikas, 2016, “Towards Energy Positive Wastewater Treatment Plants”, Journal of Environmental Management, doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2016.05.061.
  • P. Gikas, 2016, “Ultra High Temperature Gasification of Municipal Wastewater Primary Biosolids in a Rotary Kiln Reactor for the Production of Synthesis Gas”, Journal of Environmental Management, doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2016.02.043.
  • A. Emdadi, P. Gikas, M. Farazaki and Y. Emami, 2016, “Salinity Gradient Energy Potential at the Hyper Saline Urmia Lake - Zarrinehrud River System in Iran”, Renewable Energy, Vol.: 86, Pp.: 154-162,
  • P. Gikas and T. Tsoutsos, 2015, “Near Zero Energy Wastewater Treatment Plants for the Greek Islands”, Desalination and Water Treatment, Vol.: 53, Iss.: 12, Pp.: 3328-3324,
  • A.N. Angelakis and P. Gikas, 2014, “Water Reuse: Overview of current practices and trends in the World with emphasis in EU states”, Water Utility Journal, Vol.: 6, Pp.: 67-78.
  • P. Gikas and G. Tchobanoglous, 2009, “Sustainable Use of Water in the Aegean Islands”, Journal of Environmental Management, Vol.: 90, Pp.: 2601-2611,

Ph.D. Candidates

  • Anthoula Manali
  • Georgios Makaroglou
  • Konstantinos Tsamoutsoglou