PhD Candidates

NameThesis TitleAdvisor
Androulakis AthanasiosCatalytic processes of dry CH4 reforming and enrichment of syngas in H2 via the water-gas shift reaction.P. Panagiotopoulou
Anyfanti IoannaDevelopment of an integrated decision support system aiming at the investigation of sustainable alternative solutions for water governance.G. Karatzas
Argyriou Ioannis
(interruption of studies)
Critical assessment of the environmental performance of the Mediterranean ports.T. Tsoutsos
Artemakis GeorgiosSynthesis and performance evaluation on the dry reforming of methane reaction of bimetallic (Ir, Ru or Rh)-Ni catalysts dispersed on supports with labile lattice oxygen capacity. I. Yentekakis
Botzolaki GeorgiaDevelopment of mono- and bi-metallic catalysts supported on active carriers for the efficient catalysis of CO2 utilization reactions.I. Yentekakis
Chalkiadakis NikolaosSustainability analysis and assessment of green hydrogen adaptation and the subsequent de-carbonization of the electricity gird of Greece.T. Tsoutsos
Charalampaki MagdaliniEnvironmental life cycle assessment of sewage sludge treatment and utilization.A. Giannis
Charalampous GeorgiaMicrobial communities of the eastern Mediterranean and their hydrocarbon degradation capability.N. Kalogerakis
Chatzidakis DionysiosSeismic vulnerability assessment and minimization of seismic risk of offshore and coastal energy lifelineY. Tsompanakis
Chazirakis PanagiotisDevelopment of hierarchically structured carbon based adsorbent for the removal of organic pollutants.E. Gidarakos
Chronopoulou AthinaDevelopment of methodology for the assessment of the sustainable urban mobility plans of touristic destinations.T. Tsoutsos
Dedakis DimitriosNanobubble-induced hyperoxia as an enabling technology in the physiology of wound healing and tissue regenerationN. Kalogerakis
Diakrousis StylianosDesign, development and analysis of innovative materials for radiative cooling in the built environment.D. Kolokotsa
Dimitrakis VasileiosEstimating seismic hazard and seismic risk for the region of Crete with the use of GISA. Tsouchlaraki
Dialyna  EvangeliaAssessment of wave energy generation systems in the Mediterranean.T. Tsoutsos
Dimitroulia AggelikiNatural disasters: designing, educating children and implementing civil protection in schools.T. Daras
Drosou AikateriniSynthesis of photocatalysts and photochemical processes to remove organic contaminants in the aqueous phaseN. Xekoukoulotakis
Efstathiou DionnysisIntelligent Integrated Environmental Sensor NetworksN. Nikolaidis
Fragkou EfseviaIntegrated approach for hydrocarbon degradation in deep sea environments using autochthonous microorganisms, biosurfactants and enzymes.N. Kalogerakis
Fountouli TheodosiaFate and behavior of pharmaceuticals and nanoparticles in the subsurfaceC. Chrysikopoulos
Gkeka-Serpetsidaki PandoraSustainable siting of offshore renewable energy power plantsT. Tsoutsos
Gkoumas ChristosN/AG. Karatzas
Gyparakis StylianosModeling of a water treatment plant operation.E. Diamadopoulos
Kanakis IoannisSocio-technological transitions and urban transformation: from history to contemporary challenges of sustainable transitions in the city of Chania (Crete).S. Rozakis
Karkanorachaki AikateriniFate of plastics and microplastics in the marine environment.N. Kalogerakis
Kastanaki EleniRecovery of valuable materials from electronic waste. A. Giannis
Kavouri KonstantinaDevelopment of a methodology for groundwater modeling and optimal karst aquifer management, using vulnerability mapping and chemical characterization. Application to Zakros aquifers, Lassithi, CreteG. Karatzas
Kokka AlikiHydrogen (H2) production via catalytic steam reforming of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).P. Panagiotopoulou
Kokkali FoteiniN/AN. Kalogerakis
Kokkoris GeorgiosN/AN. Kalogerakis
Koniditsiotis AnastasiosStochastic models of MeteorologyT. Daras
Konkina AnnaN/AE. Psillakis
Kousaiti AthanasiaAnalysis of waste electrical and electronic equipment materials and recovery practisesE. Gidarakos
Lilli AikateriniAnalysis of the role and impact of NBS(Nature Based Solution) for sustainable urban environment.D. Kolokotsa
Loli Maria
(interruption of studies)
Fate of microplastics in agricultural soils.N. Kalogerakis
Lyratzakis AlexandrosInvestigating the application of expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam for reducing dynamic vibrations and distress of civil infrastructuresY. Tsompanakis
Makaroglou GeorgiosOptimization of microalgae growth and separation processes for the production of high added value products.P. Gikas
Malandrakis AnastasiosNanoparticles vs pesticides: applications and impact on agro-ecosystems.C. Chrysikopoulos
Mammi-Galani EleniAerosol exposure analysis using mechanistically-based modulesM. Lazaridis
Manali AnthoulaValorization of biosolids for the production of electric energy by the microsieving- gasification methods.P. Gikas
Maniadaki MariaNew monitoring technologies, environmental information and environmental law implementation.E. Maria
Morianou GiasemiOptimal water management in agriculture in the context of climate change using innovative geoinformatics technologies - field applications.G. Karatzas
Moukazis IoannisApplication of anaerobic digestion and hydrothermal process for the treatment of animal-derived waste.E. Gidarakos
Mpikouvaraki MariaUse of biochar for remediation of Ni contaminated soil.N. Xekoukoulotakis
Nikolaraki ErsiBiogas dry reforming on mono- and di-metallic catalysts and development of an innovative hydrogen cleaning process.I. Yentekakis
Pantoula  VasilikiStochastic models of biology: theory and applications.T. Daras
Papathanasopoulos AthanasiosProperty, protection and use of environmental goods.E. Maria
Pateraki AngelikiAdvances in sample preparation in food and environmental analysis.E. Psillakis
Petousi MargaritaModelling of Environmental remediation systems for organic pollutants (phytoremediation)N. Kalogerakis
Polakis NikolaosDesign and analysis of a method for wildfire evacuation using geographic information systems.A. Tsouchlaraki
Regouzas PanagiotisBiochar-based advanced adsorbentsE. Diamadopoulos
Rontogianni AnatoliAdvanced energy utilization of greenhouse gases, with emphasis on CO2 and biogas (CO2 + CH4) emissions, through catalytic and/or electro-catalytic processes.I. Yentekakis
Rovithakis AnastasiosFuture climate change impact on wildfire danger over the Mediterranean the case of Greece.A. Voulgarakis
Sarchani SofiaClimate change impact on water resources and adaptation to climate extremes.I. Tsanis
Seridou PetroulaApplication of nano-bubbles in drinking water disinfection and the operation of bioreactorsN. Kalogerakis
Sgourakis  NikolaosN/AT. Daras
Solomou NikolitsaThe effect of vacuum of sample preparation methods using headspace sampling.E. Psillakis
Stylianoudaki ChristinaN/AG. Karatzas
Theodoridou PanagiotaDevelopment of space-time geostatistical models for hydrological applicationsG. Karatzas
Troullaki AikateriniLife cycle sustainability assessment of distributed manufacturing.S. Rozakis
Tsamoutsoglou KonstantinosN/AP. Gikas
Tsekeri ElisavetHuman health and wellbeing in the urban built environmentD. Kolokotsa
Tsipianitis AlexandrosSSeismic vulnerability assessment and minimization of seismic risk of liquid fuels storage tanksY. Tsompanakis
Vakondios NikosRemoval of Endocrine Disruptors from Treated Domestic Wastewater and SludgeE. Diamadopoulos
Varamogianni- Mamatsi DespoinaΙmprovement of water quality and bioproduction of high added-value products from the integrated cultivation of marine sponges in fish aquaculture systemsN. Kalogerakis
Zikou EleniN/AI. Yentekakis