Program of Doctoral Studies - General Information

Regarding the attendance of taught modules, according to the Regulation of Doctoral Studies:

Attendance of taught modules

  • All PhD candidates are required to successfully complete at least four (4) taught modules as part of their doctoral studies.
  • PhD candidates that hold an engineering integrated master’s degree and also hold an additional master's degree can be exempted from the obligation to attend two (2) of the four (4) modules.
  • PhD candidates that hold a four-year undergraduate degree and do not hold an additional master's degree are required to successfully complete at least six (6) taught modules.

Apart from modules available exclusively to doctoral level students at our School, PhD candidates also have the option to enroll in modules offered in the Postgraduate Program "MSc in Environmental Engineering". The sum of modules taken from either category will be counted in order to assess whether the PhD candidate will have completed his/her obligations in terms of taught modules.

In case a PhD candidate would like to enroll in courses from the Postgraduate Program "Environmental Engineering", she/he must submit an application form to the School’s Secretariat (secretariat<at>, where she/he will mention the courses he/she would like to attend, with the application form including the approval (signature) of her/his supervisor.

Definition of title, supervisor, and three-member Advisory Committee

All PhD candidates, regardless of whether they had defined a thesis title, supervisor and three-member Advisory Committee (AC) in their original application for the Doctoral Program, are required to finalize the title, supervisor and AC within six (6) months from the date of their enrolment in the PhD program.

Annual Progress Report of PhD Candidates

According to the Regulation of Doctoral Studies, all PhD candidates must submit a detailed report and present it to the three-member Advisory Committee (AC) at the end of each year elapsing from the original date of the AC’s definition. The detailed report with any additional comments from the AC constitutes the Progress Report (PR).

The Progress Reports are mandatory and have to be sent to the Secretariat of the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (secretariat<at>, in order to be kept in file.

The requirement for a PR is not valid for PhD candidates whose expected Doctoral Thesis submission date is within three (3) months from the date when the PR is expected. In such as case, the consent/confirmation of the supervisor via a relevant letter to the Secretariat is required.

Annual Conference of PhD Candidates

PhD candidates of our School have the obligation to present their research at the Annual Conference of PhD Candidates of the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.