Tryfon Daras
Associate Professor, Probability, Stochastic processes, Statistics 

Stochastic Models of tumor growth Laboratory
Division II: Process Development, Analysis and Design

Extended CV (pdf)



  • 1995: Ph.D.:(Probability & Statistics) Department of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio, U.S.A.
  • 1990: MSc:(Probability & Statistics) Department of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio, U.S.A.
  • 1987: Certificate of a 2-year graduate studies program, Dept of Mathematics, University of Patras.
  • 1984: Diploma in Mathematics (B.S.), Department of Mathematics, University of Patras

Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics. More precisely in.

  • Large Deviations Theory: asymptotic computation of “small” probabilities of exponential scale. Generalization of the theory in the case of exchangeable sequences of  r.v.s.
  • Stochastic Calculus: Generalization of theorems in the case of Stochastic Differential Equations and their applications in 
    • Finance.
    • Medicine (construction of stochastic models for tumor growth)
  • Combinatorics and its applications e.g balls-ballot problems and application to cluster of disease cases

Participation in Research Programs and Projects

  • ΕΣΠΑ 2014-2020, Interreg MED, Compose /code 81336 Testing, Activity 3.11 Biomass potential in rural island communities (Case of Anogia- Crete)  (2017 και 2018).
  • Archimedes III, participation in -«ImproDeProF: Two-Phase Flow in Pore Network Systems, M Valavanides,  Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Infrastructure, Ref. No. TEI-Athens 23.59.6.

Distinctions and Awards

  • Exceptional Teaching Award / undergraduate students: C.W.R.U.’s Greek System, Faculty Member of the month, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio, U.S.A, November 1996.

Recent Publications

  • D. Tarasi, T. Daras, T. Tsoutsos, “Is Cycling an Attractive Transport Solution in a Mediterranean City?”, Sustainable Mobility for Island Destinations, e-book, Springer Verlang (2021), 101-118.
  • D. Tarasi, T. Daras, S. Tournaki ,T. Tsoutsos, “Transportation in the Mediterranean during the COVID-19 pandemic era”, Global Transitions, Elsevier, (2021), V3, 55-71.
  • N. SavvakisS. TournakiD. TarasiN. KallergisT. DarasT. Tsoutsos, “Environmental effects from the use of traditional biomass for heating in rural areas: a case study of Anogeia, Crete”, Environment, Development and Sustainability (2021)
  • N. Sifakis, M. Aryblia, T. Daras, S. Tournaki, T. Tsoutsos, ‘The impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Mediterranean urban air pollution and mobility”,  Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effect (2021).
  • P. Asteris, M. Douvika, C. Karamani, A. Skentou, K. Chlichlia, T. Daras, L. Cavaleri, D. Armaghani, T. Zaoutis, “A novel heuristic algorithm for the modeling and risk assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic phenomenon”, Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, DOI:10.32604/cmes.2020.013280, (2020).
  • N. Sifakis, T. Daras, T. Tsoutsos, “How much Energy Efficient are Renewable Energy Resources Cooperatives’ initiatives”,   Energies  13 (2020), 1136.
  •  T. Terkenli , T. Daras, E. Maria, “Landscape Notions among Greek Engineering Students: Exploring Landscape Perceptions, Knowledge and Participation”, Land, 8 (2019),  83.
  • N. Sifakis, N. Savvakis, T. Daras, T. Tsoutsos, “Analysis of the Energy Consumption Behavior of European RES Cooperative Members”  Energies 12 (2019), 970.
  • I. Petidis, M. Aryblia, T. Daras, T. Tsoutsos, “Energy saving and thermal comfort interventions based on occupants’ needs. A students’ residence building case”, Energy and Buildings, 174 (2018), 347-364.
  • M. Valavanides, T. Daras “Definition and Counting of Configurational Microstates in Steady-State Two-Phase Flows in Pore Networks”, Entropy (2016), 18(2), 54.

Ph.D. Candidates

  • Vasiliki Pantoula
  • Anastasios Koniditsiotis