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The Department of Environmental Engineering was established at the Technical University of Crete (P.D. 232/1995, O.G. 134/22-6-1995/vol. Α') and admitted its first students in the Academic Year 1997-1998. The School of Environmental Engineering, which incorporated the former Department (O.G. 119/28-5-2013/vol. Α'), was established in May 2013.

Over the past 20 years, the School has awarded 647 Diplomas in Environmental Engineering, 418 Master's degrees (M.Sc.) and 67 Doctoral degrees (Ph.D.).


Today, the Environmental Engineer is called on to undertake a leading role in the restoration, protection and management of the environment while bearing in mind the ultimate aim of sustainable development. 

The objectives of the School of Environmental Engineering are to provide advanced education of a high standard in environmental science and engineering and to prepare qualified engineers to measure, monitor, assess, and treat problems caused by human intervention in the environment.


The Mission of the School of Environmental Engineering is to:

  • offer courses at the undergraduate and graduate level,
  • advance multi-disciplinary research on environmental issues, and,
  • provide environmental services to society and the scientific community.