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School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

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Environmental and Technical Legislation

Course Information:

Course ID:SSCI 304
Type of course:Required course
Teaching Hours:Th=3, E=0, L=0

Instructor: Associate Professor E. Maria (Faculty Member - EnvEng)

Textbooks (Eudoxus):

  •   Book[77118170]: Εγχειρίδιο δικαίου περιβάλλοντος, Γ. Σιούτη


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Course contents:

  • Introduction to the legal system. Basic law classification. Elements of public, private and European Union law. Introduction to the technical legislation. Procedures for undertaking, elaboration and construction of public works and studies, contractual liability, procedures to resolve conflicts in public works, organisation of public works contractors. Harmonization of the Greek legislation to the EU directives.
  • International, EU and Greek environmental legislation. Main international environmental Conventions. Environmental protection in EU law. Principles of the EU environmental law.
  • The EU primary law and the horizontal environmental directives (Access to Environmental Information, Integrated Prevention and Pollution Control). Case law of the EU Court of Justice.
  • Environmental protection in domestic law. (Constitution and Ordinary law). Constitutional protection of the environment (the article 24 of the Greek Constitution). Content and characteristics of the right to the environment. Enlargement of “locus standi” in the environmental process (“ecological neighborhood”).
  • The sustainable development (historical evolution- sustainable development in international, EU and domestic law-the case of Greek law). Environmental protection in ordinary law. The Greek Act 1650/1986 on the protection of the environment and other indicative environmental laws.
  • The Courts’ role in environmental protection (environmental case law). The legislative framework for Renewable Energy Sources as an example of combined implementation of legislation and case law.
  • The administrative organization for the environmental protection. Pro­ce­dures for environmental authorization – Approval of Environmental Terms. Historical evolution (L. 1650/1986, L. 3010/2002, L. 4014/2011).  EU directives on Envi­ronmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Asses­sment (SEA). Content, specifications and evaluation of envi­ron­mental studies. The case law of the Hellenic Council of State and of the EU Court of Justice for the environ­mental impact assessment.

Assessment and grading method:

  • Final closed-book written exam, 100% of the grade

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