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School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

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Buildings' Energy Efficiency

Course Information:

Course ID:ENVE 545
Type of course: Elective course
Teaching Hours:Th=2, E=1, L=0

Instructor: Associate Professor D. Kolokotsa (Faculty member - EnvEng)

Textbooks (Eudoxus):

  • Book [50659790]: Νέος Οδηγός Ενεργειακής Επιθεώρησης Κτιρίων, Παντελίδης Γιώργος
  • Book [17368]: Κτίρια, ενέργεια και περιβάλλον, Κοσμόπουλος Πάνος Ι.

Recommended reading:

  • Krarti, M. (2000). Energy audit of building systems: an engineering approach. CRC Press. ISBN 0-84939-587-9


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Course contents:

  • Introductory information on energy regulations.
  • Basic principles, aims and benefits of energy efficiency audits.
  • Energy analysis and the importance of energy pricing and cost.
  • Energy audits of building envelope and services.
  • Calibration and energy certification of different building types.
  • Proposals for buildings energy efficiency.
  • Computational tools. Systems and instrumentation for energy monitoring.
  • Design and installation of energy monitoring, diagnostic error and warning systems.
  • Practice: energy audit of various building types.

Assessment and grading method:

  • Project, 40% of the grade
  • Final closed-book written exam, 60% of the grade

Last modification: 11-09-2018