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School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Now offering two distinct diplomas: Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering

Numerical Methods in Environmental Engineering

Course Information:

Course ID:ENVE 336
Type of course:Required course
Teaching Hours:Th=4, E=0, L=1

Instructor: Assistant Professor T. Daras (Faculty member - EnvEng)

Textbooks (Eudoxus):

  • Book [18548773]: Λυμένα προβλήματα υπολογιστικής υδραυλικής και περιβαλλοντικής μηχανικής, Τσάνης Ιωάννης Κ. 
  • Book [50656003]: Αριθμητικές Μέθοδοι για Μηχανικούς, 7η Έκδοση, Chapra S. - Canale R. 
  • Book [50656017]: Αριθμητικές Μέθοδοι και Εφαρμογές για Μηχανικούς, 3η Έκδοση, Σαρρής Ι.- Καρακασίδης Θ.


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Course contents:

Errors, numerical solution of non-linear equations, interpolation and polynomial approximation, numerical differentiation and integration, approximation theory, numerical methods for initial-value and boundary-value problems for ordinary differential equations - Applications in environmental engineering.

Laboratory Exercises:

  • Eight lab exercises
  • Three lab exams, 100% of the lab grade

Assessment and grading method:

  • Lab work, 20% of the grade
  • Final closed-book written exam, 80% of the grade

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