Decentralized wastewater treatment and water recycling

Course Information:

Course ID: A-106
Type of Course: Required
Semester: Fall

Instructor: Associate Professor N. Paranychianakis

Recommended Reading:

  • Natural Systems for Waste Management and Treatment. Reed et al., 1998; McGraw-Hill. ISBN-13: 978-0071346627
  • Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems (2nd Edition). Crites et al., 2014; IWA Publishing. ISBN: 9781780405896
  • Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands, (1st Edition). Stefanakis et al., 2015; Elsevier Science. 9780124046122
  • Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery. Metcalf & Eddy, 2013. ISBN-13: 978-0073401188


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Course objectives:

The course is structured in two sections. The first discusses the decentralized wastewater treatment and the second the water reuse. More detailed, treatment processes, design aspects, and practical issues for pond systems, free-water surface constructed wetlands, subsurface and vertical flow constructed wetlands, land treatment, and onsite treatment systems will be discussed. In the second section issues and applications of effluent reuse will be presented with emphasis on agricultural reuse, groundwater recharge, and indirect potable use.

1st Week Introduction to decentralized wastewater treatment
2nd Week: Constructed wetlands: Treatment processes
3rd Week Free-water surface constructed wetlands: Design, operation and maintenance
4th Week Subsurface constructed wetlands: Design, operation and maintenance
5th Week Vertical flow constructed wetlands: Design, operation and maintenance
6th Week: Land treatment systems: Treatment processes
7th Week: Land treatment systems: Design, operation and maintenance
8th Week: Pond systems: Treatment processes and design
9th Week: Onsite wastewater treatment systems
10th Week: Water Reuse: History, applications, environmental and public health issues
11th Week: Water reuse in Agriculture
12th Week: Water reuse for groundwater recharge
13th Week: Water reuse for indirect potable reuse

Work Load:

  • Projects

Assessment method:

  • Written assignments (50%)
  • Final exam (50%)


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