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School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Now offering two distinct diplomas: Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering

Strategic Management and Innovative Entrepreneurship

Course Information:

Course ID:ENVE 441
Type of course: Elective course
Teaching Hours:Th=2, E=2, L=0

Instructor: Associate Professor S. Rozakis (Faculty member - EnvEng)

Textbooks (Eudoxus):

  • Book [41955510]: Δημιουργία Νεοφυών Επιχειρήσεων, Spinelli Stephen, Adams Rob, Παπαδάκης Βασίλειος 
  • Book [21455]: Αριθμοδείκτες και management (β΄ έκδοση), Walsh Ciaran

Recommended reading:

  • Διαχείριση του Περιβάλλοντος –Επιχειρήσεις και Βιώσιμη Ανάπτυξη, Σ. Καρβούνης, Δ. Γεωργακέλλος, εκδ. Σταμούλη 2003
  • Από την κρίση στη βιώσιμη ανάπτυξη, Σ. Μπαμπανάσης, εκδ. Παπαζήση, 2011


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Course contents:

  • FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: Accounting and balance sheet, business ratios, cost assessment and pricing, break-even point, funding sources.

  • GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Green accounting and cost assessment

  • EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: Economy, Technology, Nature, Society, Institutions, Politics. Porter model and competition. Barriers to entry, buyers and sellers, competitive position and programming

  • INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: Sources and capabilities, competitive advantage, value chains, comparative modeling, outsourcing

  • MISSION – ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE – STRATEGY: Business mission, success factors, strategy levels and classification

  • INNOVATION – NEW VENTURE DEVELOPMENT: evaluation of inventions commercial value, new products/process/technologies. Start-ups and spin-offs.

  • THE BUSINESS PLAN: Set-up and implementation, specialized software use

Assessment and grading method:

  • Project, 30% of the grade
  • Mid term exam, 20% of the grade
  • Final closed-book written exam, 50% of the grade

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