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School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

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Groundwater flow and Contaminant Transport

Course Information:

Course ID: ENVE 432
Type of course: Required course
Semester: Spring
Credits: 4
Teaching Hours: Th=3, E=1, L=2/2

Instructor: Professor G. Karatzas (Faculty Member - EnvEng)

Tutorial Execises: E. Varouchakis

Laboratory Exercises: E. Varouchakis

Textbooks (Eudoxus):

  • Book [15196]: Υπόγεια Υδραυλική, Τολίκας Δημήτριος


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Course contents:

Introduction to porous media, Distribution of Groundwater, Porosity, Hydrogeological formations, Hydraulic head and Hydraulic Gradient Hydraulic conductivity, Darcy’s Law, Homogeneity and Anisotropy, Unconfined aquifers, Confined aquifers, Continuity Equation, Numerical Groundwater Models, Wells, Steady flow towards a well (confined, unconfined and leaking aquifers), Unsteady groundwater flow, Pumping test, Unsaturated zone, Soil properties, Water Budget, Contaminant sources, mass transport processes, Advection and groundwater contamination, Fick’s Law, Molecular diffusion, Diffusion in porous media, Dispersion, applications of 1-D and 2-D flow and mass transport to groundwater contamination problems, Numerical Models of groundwater contamination.

Laboratory Exercises:

  • Five laboratory exercises- individual reports: 60% of the Lab grade
  • Final written Lab exam: 40% of the Lab grade

Assessment and grading method:

  • Lab work, 15% of the grade,
  • Project, 25% of the grade,
  • Final  closed-book written exam, 60% of the grade

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