Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Course Information:

Course ID: B-208
Type of Course: Required/Elective
Semester: Fall

Instructors: Professor M. Lazaridis, Associate Professor A. Voulgarakis

Recommended Reading:

  • Seinfeld J. H. and Pandis, S. N. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics John Wiley & Sons (2006).
  • IPCC Fifth Assessment Report(
  • Mihalis Lazaridis. First Principles of Meteorology and Air Pollution. Springer (2010).


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Course objectives:

The course aims to the analysis and formulation of design criteria for the application of measures for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the atmosphere. It is also formulates the calculation of GHG emissions from anthropogenic and natural sources. Air pollutants and aerosols are also studied together with mathematical dispersion models, as well as, climatic models. In addition, the energy balance in Earth is studied using mathematical models. Finally, the course includes a number of laboratory exercises.


1st Week Atmospheric structure and composition.
2nd Week: Air pollutants
3rd Week Radiation in the atmosphere. Greenhouse effect.
4th Week Energy balance and climate.
5th Week Emissions of gaseous components and aerosols. Air pollution dispersion.
6th Week: Atmospheric chemistry and climate.
7th Week: Atmospheric aerosols and effects on visibility and climate.
8th Week: IPCC methodology for climate change.
9th Week: Single cell models. Climate models.
10th Week: Targets for reduction of GHG pollutants.
11th Week: Formulation of an emission inventory.
12th Week: Methodology for the calculation of the Carbon footprint.
13th Week: Project for the calculation of the Carbon footprint.

Work Load:

Α. Lab exercises

  1. Measurements of air pollutants and particles in the atmosphere
  2. Measurements of the particle number size distribution in atmospheric conditions.

Β. Projects

Assessment method:

  • Lab reports (10%)
  • Written assignments (20%)
  • Project (35%)
  • Final exam (35%)

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