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School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Now offering two distinct diplomas: Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering

Aquatic Chemistry

Course Information:

Course ID:ENVE 345
Type of course:Required course
Teaching Hours:Th=2, E=1, L=0

Instructor: Professor E. Psillakis (Faculty Member - EnvEng)

Textbooks (Eudoxus):

  • Book [11387]: Υδατική χημεία, Νικολαΐδης Νικόλαος Π. 


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Course contents:

  • Global Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Determination of natural water pH
  • Carbon Equilibrium
  • Chemical species in solution
  • Regulating tension and neutralization ability
  • Creation of natural waters composition
  • Law of mass action-Determination of equilibrium constants
  • Chemical activity and ionic strength
  • Fate of metals in the environment
  • Hydrolysis and metals complexation
  • Inorganic compounds as substituents
  • Competitive binding of substituents
  • Interaction of aquatic solutions with sediments and soils
  • Solubility and Absorption
  • Effect of chemical species in the solubility
  • Surface complexes formation
  • Redox geochemistry
  • Heterogeneous reactions and cycles
  • Redox equilibrium
  • Capacity and redox volumetric measurements (pH scale)
  • Applications of environmental geochemistry.

Assessment and grading method:

  • Final closed-book written exam, 100% of the grade

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