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Fluid Mechanics

Course Information:

Course ID:ENVE 221
Type of course:Required course
Teaching Hours:Th=3, E=1, L=2

Instructor: Professor G. Karatzas (Faculty Member - EnvEng)

Laboratory Exercises:E. Varouhakis, A. Koutroulis

Tutorial Exercises:E. Varouhakis

Textbooks (Eudoxus):

  • Book [4300]: ΜΗΧΑΝΙΚΗ ΡΕΥΣΤΩΝ, Streeter/Wylie/Bedford 
  • Book [4309]: ΜΗΧΑΝΙΚΗ ΡΕΥΣΤΩΝ ΜΕ ΤΕΧΝΙΚΕΣ ΕΦΑΡΜΟΓΕΣ, Daugherty/Franzini/Finnemore


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Course contents:

Properties and characteristics of fluids, Measurement Units, Viscosity, Continuity, Density, Specific Volume, Specific Gravity, Specific Gravity, Perfect Gases, Pressure, Vapour pressure, surface tension and capillary phenomena with applications in a porous medium (soil). Pressure point, Basic Equations Fluid Statics, measurements using a manometer in Environmental Applications, Forces on submerged Flat and curved surfaces, buoyancy, forces on dams, sluice. Types of Forces, Fundamental Laws (Conservation of Mass Principle, Second Law of Newton - momentum theorem, Principle of Conservation of Energy), Concept and System Selected Volume Reporting continuity equation, momentum equation, Equation of Energy, Mass and Energy Balances in Environmental Systems , Transfer of Pollutants in Aquatic Systems. Non dimensional Numbers for Analysis of Environmental Systems, Dimensions and Units, Theorem P, Non dimensionalParameters, Similarity, Reynolds Number, Froude Number, Dimensional Analysis for Flow Models Closed Pipe and Plumbing Construction. Permanent Two-dimensional flow between plates, Flow in Streams, Rivers and closed conduits, major and minor losses, boundary layer, Friction.

Laboratory Exercises:

  • Five laboratory exercises- individual reports: 60% of the Lab grade
  • Final written Lab exam: 40% of the Lab grade

Assessment and grading method:

  • Lab work, 15% of the grade,
  • Final  written exam, 85% of the grade

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