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German II

Course Information:

Course ID: -
Type of course Seminars - Optional
Semester: Fall
Credits: -
Teaching Hours: T=4, E=0, L=0

Instructor:  Anna Vrouvaki (The Language Center)

Textbook (Eudoxus): -


  • e-learning (moodle), extra thematic units, exercises, audio-visual material

Course content:

German II deepens and reinforces fundamental knowledge acquired in German I. The objective of the course is to develop students’ ability to process and comprehend various kinds of authentic texts on their own, autonomously, to expand their vocabulary and produce written and spoken speech. Special emphasis is given on listening comprehension skills. Sentence structure is the main point of reference regarding grammar.

The e-classroom, the electronic exercises on the Language Centre website along with the audiovisual material of autonomous learning are complementary to the course. Students have even the possibility to enroll in a speaking and writing practice course

Last modification: 30-08-2018