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German I

Course Information:

Course ID: -
Type of course Seminars - Optional
Semester: Fall
Credits: -
Teaching Hours: T=4, E=0, L=0

Instructor:  Anne Vrouvaki (The Language Center)

Textbook (Eudoxus): -


  • e-learning (moodle), extra thematic units, exercises, audio-visual material

Course content:

The course teaches German to students who already have basic knowledge of the German language. It aims at developing students' skills in writing and speaking at a practical level. It includes introduction in reading comprehension strategies, analysis of authentic, contemporary texts of graded level, exercises to enrich one's vocabulary as well as practice in selected grammar topics. The e -classroom, the electronic exercises on the Language Centre website along with th e audiovisual material of autonomous learning are complementary to the course. Students have even the possibility to enroll in a speaking and writing practice course.

Beginners courses are also offered in German A I and A II as prerequisites for the German I course. These courses aim at teaching the written and spoken language necessary for everyday communication in a German-speaking environment. They include weekly classroom attendance as well as the use of the autonomous learning audiovisual material of the e-classroom



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