Groundwater and Climate Change

Course Information:

Course ID: ΑΒ-307
Type of Course: Elective
Semester: Fall

Instructors: Professor G. Karatzas

Recommended Reading:

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Course objectives:

The course focuses on the impacts of climate change on water resources and specifically on groundwater. The main objective is to understand the impacts of climate change on groundwater and to use tools to predict future impacts. Groundwater simulation models will be a key tool where, taking into account climate forecasts, students will be able to simulate a groundwater system and assess future impacts.




1st Week Introduction to the concepts of climate change
2nd Week: Climate Change and Water Resources
3rd Week Groundwater - Basic concepts
4th Week Equations governing groundwater flow and pollutant transport
5th Week Introduction to groundwater modeling
6th Week: Groundwater Models Overview - Focus on Models Using Finite Elements and Finite Differences
7th Week: First Homework Presentation
8th Week: The groundwater model: Princeton Transport Code (PTC)
9th Week: Learn how to use and import PTC data in conjunction with the ARGUS-ONE pre and meta processor
10th Week: Project assignment - Study Area - Entering field data
11th Week: Study area - calibration and simulation using the PTC model
12th Week: Alternative climate change scenarios - Impact study
13th Week: Presentations Projects

Work Load:

One Homework and one project

Assessment method:

  • Homework: 30%
  • Project: 50%
  • Final exam: 20%

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