Integrated Water Resources Management

Course Information:

Course ID:A-102
Type of Course:Required

Instructor: Professor N. Nikolaidis

Recommended Reading:

  • Evrotas River Basin Management Plan.
  • Koiliaris and Keritis River Basin Management Plan (2010).
  • GR and EU Legislation - Supplementary material.
  • A series of Journal Articles
  • SWAT Model User's Manual.
  • Water Management Plan of Crete and related studies
  • Deliverables of Project Aquaman


  • Registration required

Course objectives:

The objective of the course is to train graduate student to conduct integrated water resources management according to the water framework directive.  The course entails lectures with the basic principles of water resources management, examples of specialized studies of water management, evaluation of the impacts of climate change, development and evaluation of program of measures and use of Nature Based Solutions  to mitigate the impacts of climate change.  The course has 3 laboratories and 1 field visit at the Koiliaris River Critical Zone Observatory. The course will use the SWAT model for simulating surface and groundwater at the watershed level.


1st WeekIntroduction to water resources management, Global environmental challenges and introduction to observatory science
2nd Week:Special management plans for Koiliaris, Evrotas, Keritis and Municipality of Kandanos watersheds.
3rd WeekIntroduction to SWAT model - Water legislation.
4th WeekLaboratory 1 - Application of SWAT.
5th WeekWater management plan for the Region of Crete
6th Week:Field visit to Koiliaris CZO
7th Week:Impacts of Climate change and program of measures
8th Week:Laboratory 2 - Simulation of climate change scenarios using SWAT
9th Week:Ανάλυση DPSIR analysis at the watershed level and methodology for the prioritization of the program of measures
10th Week:Economic analysis of the program of measures
11th Week:Nature Based Solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation
12th Week:Laboratory 3 - Evaluation of the adaptation measures of climate change
13th Week:Project presentations

Work Load:

One group project will be assigned for the whole semester with intermediate deliverables and presentations.  The project will deal with the development of a special water resources management plan of a watershed.

Assessment method:

  • Project presentation (30%)
  • Project Report (70%)

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