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Maria Apostolaki
Technical Expert
Climate Change and Energy Planning, Region of Crete

Maria Apostolaki has graduated from the Technical University of Crete with a Diploma in Environmental Engineering and a Master of Science in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering.

After completing her studies, she has worked for 3 years as a freelancer in the field of RES projects Development and their Environmental Impact Assessment.

Since 2008 she has been a civil servant working in the Region of Crete. Her main duties were environmental assessment studies, environmental audits, and protection of surface, underground and coastal water.

For four years she was a special advisor to the Vice Governor for Energy, dealing with the strategic energy planning and the major energy issues of Crete. For the last three years she is a technical expert for Energy in the Department of Climate Change and Energy Planning. From that position she cooperates with the public and private stakeholders and coordinates EU Projects that address energy performance of buildings and public infrastructure, RES development and energy transition of Crete. She is the coordinator of the InteractInCRETE project of the ELENA Mechanism of the EIB and has also coordinated the Energy pillar in the implementation of the Regional Specialization Strategy of Crete (RIS3Crete).