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Dr. Efi Tsolaki
Chief Scientific Officer
ERMA FIRST ESK engineering Solutions S.A.

Efi started her journey in Environmental Engineering at Technical University of Crete in 1998. Wastewater treatment and management "enslave" her interests. During her undergraduate studies she worked with removal of arsenic from groundwater while in MSc she was studying Wastewater treatment from the hydro-metallurgic extraction of gallium Ga and germanium Ge from flying ash via a program funding by European Union (ECSC, 2002) and participation in the HIVALUE: Production of high added-value materials from clean coal gasification by-products (HIVALUE).She was in Technical University of Crete until 2010 while working as Researcher in Environmental Engineering and Management Laboratory (LEEM) from early 2004.She is the first academic in Greece with specialization in Ballast Water and joined ERMA FIRST in early 2010. From the beginning of her career in the marine industry she was focused on Research and Development, certification of the systems and environmental policies. She acts as the Chief Scientific Officer of the company with main responsibility of the certification process, applying all relevant international regulations, business development worldwide and environmental compliance, safety and marine preservation.She is today the President of International Ballast water Manufacturers Association (BEMA) , Part of Greek Delegation as Technical Advisor on International Maritime Organization (IMO) the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine and atmospheric pollution by ships. IMO's work supports the UN sustainable development goals. She is participating in IMO Committees of Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) and Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR)and participates in Ballast water Expert Group on IMarEST, which is The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology IMAREST.