Evangelos Gidarakos
Emeritus Professor, Toxic and Hazardous Waste Treatment and Management 

Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management Laboratory
Division I: Environmental Management

Extended CV (pdf)


  • Office: Κ1.133
  • Tel.: +30 28210 37789 FAX: +30 28210 37850
  • Email:gidarako<at>mred.tuc.gr
  • Office Hours: Daily 9:00 - 14:00


  • 1980: PhD in Material and Environment Technologies, University of Hamburg (Germany)
  • 1977: Diploma in Physics, University of Hamburg (Germany)

Research Interests

  • Management and treatment of hazardous, toxic and special waste (Asbestos, PCDD’s, PCDF’s, PCB’s, radioactive, infectious, electronic / electrical, etc.).    
  • Municipal Waste management.
  • Remediation of petroleum contaminated soils and groundwater by implementing innovative technologies    

Participation in Research Programs and Projects

  • Investigation of Sitting Options of the New Landfill for the Prefecture of Rethimnon, Scientific Co-ordinator: Gidarakos Evangelos, Funded by: Municipality of Amari, (2017-2020)
  • Evaluation of the Prevailing Conditions of tha Amari Landfill (biogas) and Determination of Necessary Measures, Scientific Co-ordinator: Gidarakos Evangelos, Funded by: Region of Crete (2016-2020) 
  • Research on potential contamination in the Amari’s landfill area; risk assessment and proposal for remediation, Scientific Co-ordinator: Gidarakos Evangelos, Funded by: Prefectural Development Fund of Crete, (2015-2016)
  • Restriction of the Existing Contamination (Free Oil Phase) Around the Area of PYRKAL, Co-ordinator: Gidarakos Evangelos, Funded by: Hellenic Petroleum S.A., (2010-2020)
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Characterization of Hazardous and Toxic Substances at the SEA DIAMOND Shipwreck - Environmental impacts (current and future), Scientific Co-ordinator: Gidarakos Evangelos, Funded by: Prefecture of Cyclades, (2009-2011 & 2013-2016)

Distinctions and Awards

  • 2018: President of the International Waste Working (IWWG) for the period 2021-2022 and Vice-President for the Period 2019-2020.
  • 2018: President of the Company for the Exploitation and Management of the Property and Technological Park of the Technical University of Crete
  • 2018: Award of Excellence as a Professor for the year 2018 in recognition of his research work and achievements in the field of toxic and hazardous waste treatment and disposal by the Technical University of Crete.
  • 2017: Chairman of the  International Waste Working (IWWG) Task Group Leaders
  • 2015: Member of International Waste Working Group (IWWG) Managing Board

Recent Publications

  • Gidarakos Ε., Akcil A., “WEEE under the prism of urban mining,Waste Management, 102, 950-951 (2020)
  • Mymrin V., Presotto P.,  Alekseev K., Avanci M. A., Rolim P. H.B., Petukhov V., Taskin A.,  Gidarakos E., Valouma A., Yu G. "Application of hazardous serpentine rocks’ extraction wastes in composites with glass waste and clay-sand mix to produce environmentally clean construction materials" Construction and Building Materials, 234 (2020).
  • Savvilotidou V., Gidarakos E. "Pre-concentration and recovery of silver and indium from crystalline silicon and copper indium selenide photovoltaic panels" Journal of Cleaner Production, 250 (2020)
  • Kousaiti K., Hahladakis N. J., Savvilotidou V., Pivnenko K., Tyrovola K., Xekoukoulotakis N., Astrup F.T., Gidarakos E. "Assessment of tetrabromobisphenol-A (TBBPA) content in plastic waste recovered from WEEE", (2019)
  • Makri C., Hahaladakis N.J., Gidarakos E. "Use and assessment of “e-plastics" as recycled aggregates in cement motars" Journal o fHazardous Materials, 379, 120776 (2019).
  • Zeneli A., Kastanaki E., Simantiraki F., Gidarakos E. "Monitoring the biodegradation of TPH and PAHs in refinery solid waste by biostimulation and bioaugumentation" Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 7(3) (2019).
  • Savvilotidou V., KritikakiA., Stratakis A., Komnitsas K., Gidarakos E. "Energy efficient production of glass-ceramics using photovoltaic (P/V) glass and lignite fly ash" Waste Management, 90, 46-58 (2019).
  • Savvilotidou V., Kousaiti Α., Βatinic Β., Vaccaric Μ., Kastanaki Ε., Karagianni Κ., Gidarakos Ε. "Evaluation and comparison of pre-treatment techniques for recovering indium from  discarded liquid crystal displays" Waste Management, 87, 51-61 (2019).
  • Moukazis I., Pellera F.-M., Gidarakos E. "Slaughterhouse by-products treatment using anaerobic digestion" Waste Μanagement, 71, 652-662 (2018).
  • Pellera F.-M., Gidarakos E. "Chemical pretreatment of lignocellulosic agroindustrial waste for methane production" Waste Management, 71, 689-703 (2018).

Ph.D. Candidates

  • Panagiotis Chazirakis
  • Ioannis Moukazis