Dr A. Stefanakis elected President of the International Ecological Engineering Society

Assistant Professor Alexandros Stefanakis of our School was elected as the new President of the International Ecological Engineering Society - IEES  after the election process organized among the members of the society to elect the new Board. Along with Prof. Stefanakis, David Finger (Reykjavik University, Iceland) was elected as Vice-President and Raffael Kaenzig (CEO Phoster Ltd, Switzerland) was elected as Treasurer. The term of the new Board is for 2 years.


It is the first time that a scientist or professional from Greece is elected to the position of President of IEES, which this year will celebrate 30 years since its establishment at its international conference organized by the Laboratory of Environmental Engineering and Management of the Technical University of Crete in Chania between 1-5 October.


The IEES promotes Ecological Engineering as the most important and modern way and method of infrastructure in the 21st century. Ecological Engineering stands for engineering science that is inspired by ecology and nature and integrates these two sciences into the new circular economy model.


See also the official announcement of the results by the IEES.