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School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Now offering two distinct diplomas: Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering

Sustainable Development (ISO 14000 & LCA)

Course Information:

Course ID:ENVE 443
Type of course:Elective course
Teaching Hours:Th=2, E=1, L=0

Instructors: Professor Th. Tsoutsos (Faculty member - EnvEng)

Tutorial Exercises:E. Baradakis

Textbooks (Eudoxus):

  • Book [18549119]: Φυσικοί πόροι, περιβάλλον και ανάπτυξη, Αραμπατζής Γαρύφαλλος, Πολύζος Σεραφείμ
  • Book [25065]: Οικονομικά και πολιτικές για τη βιώσιμη διαχείριση του περιβάλλοντος και των φυσικών πόρων, Πρωτοπαπάς Α.,Kula Erhun


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Course contents:

Economic system and environment. Sustainability (sustainability). Examples. The concept of development. Income. Influence of growth. Level of development and classification of countries. Determinants of growth. Growth with and without technological progress. Productivity. Natural resources. Relationship of economic sphere and biosphere. Examples of energy and recycling. Sustainable management. Models of economic development. Unbalanced development. Agricultural, industrial, postindustrial development. International financial transactions and technology transfer. Desired rate of economic growth. Redefining national income and wealth. Depreciation of national capital. Examples from the World Bank. Indicators of Sustainable Economic Welfare. Long-term growth and sustainability. Economics of ecology. Equation IPAT. Economics of Climate Change. Cost-benefit analysis. Environmental Management Systems - EMAS. European policies for sustainability. The European Framework Programmes for sustainable development. Environmental taxes. Transition to sustainable production systems. The example of energy.

Assessment and grading method:

  • Project, 30% of the grade
  • Final open-book written exam, 70% of the grade

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