Manolis Grillakis
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Laboratory of Atmospheric Environment and Climate Change

CV (pdf)



  • 2014: Ph.D.: School of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete.
  • 2007: M.Sc.: Environmental and sanitary engineering, School of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete.
  • 2006: Diploma in Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Science, School of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete.

Research Interests

  • Water Resources Management; Hydrology, Hydrological and Land Surface Models, Soil moisture dynamics, Flash floods, Droughts, Wildfires, Extreme Events.

Participation in Research Programmes and Projects

  • DETACC: DEtection and aTtribution of agricultural droughts to Anthropogenic Climate Change. Postdoctoral research funded by State Scholarships Foundation/IKY - Foundation for Research & Technology – Hellas.
  • CLIMPACT: National Νetwork on Climate Change and its Impacts. Implemented under the sub-project 3 of the project “Infrastructure of national research networks in the fields of Precision Medicine, Quantum Technology and Climate Change”, funded by the Public Investment Program of Greece, General Secretary of Research and Technology/Ministry of Development and Investments. COST Action, CA19139 - Process-based models for climate impact attribution across sectors – PROCLIAS (2020 - Action Management Committee member).
  • Agro4Crete: Research in the Agri-Food Sector of Crete “Four Institutions, Four Reference Points”. Sub-project 2, INTERVENTION B “Emblematic National Action Research Act for the utilization of new technologies in the field of Agri-Food”. Funded by GSRT.
  • 5DARE: Development of an integrated 5-dimensional space-based methodology for Assessing and modelling the Response of Erosion dynamics to land use and climatic changes in Mediterranean watersheds, Greek Institute for Research and Innovation (Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation) (2019-2022).
  • H2020 IMPREX: IMproving PRedictions and management of hydrological Extremes (2015-2019).

Selected Publications

  • Grillakis, M., Voulgarakis, A., Rovithakis, A., Seiradakis, K. D., Koutroulis, A., Field, R. D., Kasoar, M., Papadopoulos, A., Lazaridis, M. (2022). Climate drivers of global wildfire burned area. Environmental Research Letters, 17(4), 045021.
  • Rovithakis, A., Grillakis, M. G., Seiradakis, K. D., Giannakopoulos, C., Karali, A., Field, R., Lazaridis, M., Voulgarakis, A. (2022). Future climate change impact on wildfire danger over the Mediterranean: the case of Greece. Environmental Research Letters, 17(4), 045022.
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