Manolis Grillakis
Post-Doctoral Researcher



  • 2011: Ph.D.: School of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete. Thesis: "Climate change impact assessment to principal hydrological parameters and the role of bias". Specializing in Hydrological modeling and Climate Change
  • 2006: M.Sc.: School of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete. Thesis Title: "Remote sensing and algorithm development for hydrological purposes". Specializing in Remote sensing for hydrological applications
  • 2004: School of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete. Diploma in Environmental Engineering (8.6 / 10) - Thesis: "Surface runoff modeling of Keritis watershed using field data". Specializing in Hydrological modeling

Research Interests

Water Resources Management, Hydrology, Hydrological and land surface models, Soil moisture dynamics, Flash floods, Droughts, Hydraulics, Extreme Events, Climate change impact studies, Bias correction

Participation in Research Programmes and Projects

  • 5DARE: Development of an integrated 5-dimensional space based methodology for Assessing and modelling the Response of Erosion dynamics to land use and climatic changes in Mediterranean watersheds, Greek Institute for Research and Innovation (Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation) (2019-).
  • H2020 IMPREX: IMproving PRedictions and management of hydrological Extremes (2015-2019).
  • HELIX FP7: High-End cLimate Impacts and eXtremes. ENV.2013.6.1-3 Impacts of higher-end scenarios (global average warming > 2 °C with respect to pre-industrial level) – FP7-ENV-2013 (2013-2017).
  • CASCADE FP7: CAtastrophic Shifts in drylands: how CAn we prevent ecosystem DEgradation?  Collaborative Project/ Large Scale Integrated Project FP7-ENV-2011 (2012-2017).
  • IMPACT2C FP7: Quantifying projected impacts under 2°C warming. Collaborative project/Large-scale integrating project, FP7-ENV-2011 (2011-2015).

Selected Publications

  • Koutroulis AG, Papadimitriou LV, Grillakis MG, Tsanis IK, Warren R, Betts RA, (2019). Global water availability under high-end climate change: A vulnerability based assessment. Glob Planet Change. doi: 10.1016/J.GLOPLACHA.2019.01.013  
  • Grillakis, M.G., 2019. Increase in severe and extreme soil moisture droughts for Europe under climate change. Science of The Total Environment. 660, 1245-1255,
  • Grillakis, M.; Koutroulis, A.; Tsanis, I. Improving Seasonal Forecasts for Basin Scale Hydrological Applications. Water 2018, 10, 1593.
  • Koutroulis, A.G., Grillakis, M.G., Tsanis, I.K. Jacob D., Mapping the vulnerability of European summer tourism under 2 °C global warming. Climatic Change (2018).
  • Koutroulis, A.G.; Papadimitriou, L.V.; Grillakis, M.G.; Tsanis, I.K.; Wyser, K.; Caesar, J.; Betts, R.A. Simulating Hydrological Impacts under Climate Change: Implications from Methodological Differences of a Pan European Assessment. Water 2018, 10, 1331.
  • Jacob, D. , Kotova, L. , Teichmann, C. , Sobolowski, S. P., Vautard, R. , Donnelly, C. , Koutroulis, A. G., Grillakis, M. G., Tsanis, I. K., Damm, A. , Sakalli, A. and van Vliet, M. T. (2018), Climate Impacts in Europe Under +1.5°C Global Warming. Earth's Future, 6: 264-285. doi:10.1002/2017EF000710
  • A.G. Koutroulis, L.V. Papadimitriou, M.G. Grillakis, I.K. Tsanis, K. Wyser, R.A. Betts, Freshwater vulnerability under high end climate change. A pan-European assessment, Science of The Total Environment, Volumes 613–614, 2018, Pages 271-286, ISSN 0048-9697, .
  • Grillakis, M. G., Koutroulis, A. G., Daliakopoulos, I. N., and Tsanis, I. K.: A method to preserve trends in quantile mapping bias correction of climate modeled temperature, Earth Syst. Dynam., 8, 889-900, , 2017.
  • Papadimitriou, L. V., Koutroulis, A. G., Grillakis, M. G., and Tsanis, I. K.: The effect of GCM biases on global runoff simulations of a land surface model, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 4379-4401, , 2017.
  • Daliakopoulos, I.N., Panagea, S.I., Tsanis, I.K., Grillakis, M.G., Koutroulis, A.K., Hessel, R., Mayor, A.G., and Ritsema, C.J., “Yield Response of Mediterranean Rangelands under a Changing Climate”, Land Degradation & Development, February 2017,