Webinar on “Hygienic and Safe Wastewater Reuse” | March 3, 2pm (ECT).

Assistant Professor Alexandros Stefanakis will be the moderator of the webinar organized by the European Water Association on “Hygienic and Safe Wastewater Reuse” on March 3, 2pm (ECT).

The new regulation on minimum requirements for water use in agriculture was entered into force in Europe on 26 June 2020. The new rules will apply in 2023 and are expected to stimulate and facilitate water reuse in the EU. The web seminar on best practices of water hygiene will show the expected hygienic, ecological, and operational aspects of disinfection technologies that are applied in water and wastewater treatment plants. Dr Stefanakis will also present case Studies of Nature-based Solutions for wastewater Treatment and reuse.

More info and registration: https://www.ewa-online.eu/calendar-detail/events/Hygienic_and_safe_waste_water_reuse.html