Research Lecture by Dr. N. Diangelakis: "Control and optimisation in multi-scale systems engineering"|Friday 25-2-2022 @ zoom

The first Open Research Lecture in the frame of candidatures for the faculty position in Process Dynamics and Control at the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, TUC will be delivered on Friday, 25th of February, 2022 at 17:00, online via Ζοοm at the following link:
Meeting ID: 930 4242 6745
Password: 117022

You are welcome to attend the lecture  "Control and optimisation in multi-scale systems engineering" by Dr. N. Diangelakis


Fundamental research advancements have enabled engineers and researchers to consider phenomena taking place on a variety of different temporal and spatial scales. Typically, for the process systems engineer, the consideration of phenomena across scales requires the definition and solution of complex simulation, control and optimisation problems that are often impossible to track. Furthermore, the situation where - often contradictory - multi-scale decision making is encountered perplexes the task. Therefore, taking advantage of the aforementioned phenomena requires a plethora of tools and methods to be developed and used in order for the burden that results from the complexity of multiple scales to be alleviated while preserving precision.

In this talk, a small variety of methods and techniques for the consideration of various temporal scales within process systems engineering will be discussed. More specifically decomposition methods for control and rolling horizon optimisation problems will be presented, followed by a series of solution and simplification techniques. The later will touch upon different optimisation approaches based on the problem at hand. Finally, a comprehensive approach to simultaneous control and optimisation of processes will be shown, combining decision making across scales and exploring their synergistic effect.