Research Lecture by Dr. Dionysios Theodosis-Palimeris : "Control of Autonomous Vehicles on Lane-Free Roads"|Wednesday 09-03-2022 @ zoom

The fourth Open Research Lecture in the frame of candidatures for the faculty position in Process Dynamics and Control at the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, TUC will be delivered on Wednesday, 9th of March, 2022 at 16:00, online via Ζοοm at the following link:
Meeting ID: 995 1244 4497
Password: 516726

You are welcome to attend the lecture  "Control of Autonomous Vehicles on Lane-Free Roads" by Dr. Dionysios Theodosis-Palimeris 


In the era of connected and automated vehicles, new perspectives and principles have been suggested, where autonomous vehicles can move on the two-dimensional surface of lane-free roads, without abiding to a lane discipline, as in conventional traffic. In this talk, we will focus on novel control-law design methodologies for the safe operation of autonomous vehicles on lane-free roads and we will discuss the new principle of vehicle nudging, whereby autonomous vehicles may "push" other vehicles in front of them, which may increase traffic flow and capacity. Moreover, we will present the macroscopic models that correspond to the derived control laws, obtaining fluid-like models that consist of a conservation equation and a momentum equation with pressure and viscous terms. Finally, we will show that, by selecting appropriately the parameters of the feedback laws, we can determine the physical macroscopic fluid characteristics, i.e. we get free hand to create an artificial fluid that approximates the emerging traffic flow.