CRETE 2021

Chania: May 18-21, 2021


Today, on World Environment Day 2020, human kind is invited to realize that IT’S TIME FOR NATURE! Its existence and wellbeing ensures our existence and wellbeing. After all, it’s true that we need planet earth more than this planet needs us.


Although COVID-19 pandemics made people feel that we need to protect ourselves from nature and its biodiversity, in reality it is nature and several of our roommates that need to be protected from us.

COVID-19 pandemics demonstrated the impact that our lifestyle has on nature through its noticeable environmental footprint. Strict lockdowns and isolation (between people, countries and continents) altered our daily habits and reduced the planet’s crazy life speeds, bringing significant changes, in some cases positive and in some cases negative.


The 7th International Conference on Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management that is going to be held from May 18th to May 21st, 2021 wishes to focus on this phenomenon, through a special topic entitled “COVID-19 Environmental Footprint” and relevant sessions, workshops and exhibitions.

Some of the aspects that could be examined are:
  • Air pollution and quality
  • Quality and consumption of water resources
  • Consumption of fossil fuels
  • Quantity and composition of waste
  • Production of industrial waste
  • Management of new waste streams and their risk
Your contribution is of course expected and more than valuable.

Please note down that the new deadline for abstract submission is 28th February, 2021.​

Stay informed about CRETE 2021 news through our official website, but above all stay safe!

See you in May 2021!