Prof. Ioannis V. Yentekakis Editor-in-Chief in two International Scientific Journals: “Nanomaterials” and Frontiers in Environmental Chemistry

Ioannis V. Yentekakis, Professor and Vice-Dean of the School of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, and Director of the "Physical Chemistry and Chemical Processes" laboratory, is from 2020 Section (“Environmental Nanoscience and Nanotechnology”) Editor-in-Chief of the high impact (IF=5.719) international scientific journal Nanomaterials. The journal is open access and covers the publication of innovative research results in a wide interdisciplinary area that have as reference points nanoscience, nanotechnology and nanomaterials with applications in the protection/restoration of the environment, production of green energy, circular economy and sustainability of the environment.

Prof. I.V. Yentekakis is also Specialty Chief Editor in the scientific field "Catalytic Remediation" of the newly established International Scientific Journal Frontiers in Environmental Chemistry. The journal is open access covering all main topics in environmental chemistry. The Catalytic Remediation section is mainly oriented towards the development and use of catalytic materials and processes in matters of environmental remediation and catalytic control of pollutant in soil, water/wastewater and atmosphere.