Prof. George P. Karatzas serves as Associate Editor in two international journals: Frontiers in Water (Water and Hydrocomplexity) and Hydroinformatics

George P. Karatzas a Professor in the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Crete serves as Associate Editor in two international Journals: 1 . Frontiers in Water and  2. Hydroinformatics

Frontiers in Water is an open access journal that publishes novel interdisciplinary research covering a broad spectrum of water related topics, which is rigorously and transparently peer reviewed for scientific accuracy. Relevant topics include water in various contexts such as built environment, critical zone, water bodies such as rivers and lakes, groundwater and cryosphere, and water related outcomes such as public health and infectious diseases. Frontiers in Water includes 8 sections. Water and Hydrocomplexity is one of them that aims to publish research that enhances our understanding, characterization and/or prediction of the hydrological cycle, and the cycles of energy, nutrients and pollutants linked to the water cycle.

Journal of Hydroinformatics a peer-reviewed Open Access journal devoted to the application of information technology in the widest sense to problems of the aquatic environment. It promotes Hydroinformatics as a cross-disciplinary field of study, combining technological, human-sociological and more general environmental interests, including an ethical perspective. The publisher of the Journal is IWA Publishing: International Water Association Publications