Opening speech and participation of Em. Prof. Evangelos Gidarakos in a scientific symposium in Italy

Em. Professor and President of IWWG, Dr. Evangelos Gidarakos is participating in the 6th International Symposium on «Circular Economy and Urban Mining», which is going to be held on 18-20 May in Capri, Italy.

According to the Symposium program, which is available on its official website, Prof. Gidarakos will open the Symposium, present two scientific papers and participate in a round table discussion on circular economy application in tourist areas.

Specifically, Prof. Gidarakos’ presentations will refer to:

  • IWWG | Focusing on current needs and chances
  • Management of plastics waste from COVID pandemic
  • Tourism and circular economy in Greece

This Symposium offers the possibility to register and participate online.

More information is available at: