Angeliki Pateraki's proposal to the Hellenic Foundation of Research and Innovation scholarships call ranked second among all

Angeliki Pateraki, PhD student at the Laboratory of Aquatic Chemistry with supervisor Professor Elia Psillakis, was awarded a scholarship by the Hellenic Foundation of Research and Innovation. After evaluation, the proposal received a score of 95.94/100 and was ranked second among all evaluated proposals. Her PhD dissertation focuses on the in vivo monitoring of the volatile organic compounds emitted from fruits during ripening and under abiotic stress and aims to assess the impact of climate change on fruit quality. The proposal was praised for its high quality content and originality. The proposed research topic is anticipated to improve agriculture practices and advance current knowledge on the complex interrelated issues directly related to climate change as well as serve as a solid foundation to future research.

Angeliki Pateraki received her bachelor degree from the department of Chemistry at the University of Crete. Her academic excellence was recognized and she was graduated as a top student. Her academic experience is associated with the scientific area of her PhD dissertation and she is a co-author of two scientific publications.