Open Research Lecture: Claire Oiry «Cretablock: Bio-based local and ecological construction material» | 09-12-2022, 17:00, Hall K2.A1

The fιfth Open Research Lecture in the frame of Postgraduate Studies Programme "Sustainable Engineering and Climate Change", will be delivered on Friday,  8th of December, 2022 at 17:00, Hall K2.A1 and online via zoom(see below).

You are welcome to attend the lecture «Cretablock: Bio-based local and ecological construction material» by Claire Oiry, Architect, M.Sc., Technical Project Manager and Researcher at the  Laboratory of  Materials for Cultural Heritage and Modern building led by Prof. Noni Maravelaki at the School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete


Reduction of CO2 emissions, energy consumption and waste production can be achieved by using building materials with low energy footprint. This research proposes the use of local agri-food wastes, invasive plants and lime or clay-based binders in the preparation of lightweight composites as construction materials. More specifically, the influence of the type and quantity of local plant-based aggregates and local binders on the thermal properties was examined. The final aim is to select the most suitable design of aggregate/binder for the formulation of a Cretan lightweight concrete block ready to be applied in traditional and modern buildings. It has been demonstrated that the most suitable insulation block consists of arundo donax (giant reed) as aggregates and a local putty calcitic lime with natural pozzolan in a binder/aggregate ratio ranging from 1/4 to 1/3. These samples exhibit a thermal conductivity comparable to similar products on the market (0.07 W/m. K ± 0.002).

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