New PRIMA research project "ReMe-diation" - Scientific coordinator (TUC) Assist. Prof. Α. Stefanakis

A new research project was launched called "ReMe-diation: Resilient Mediterranean with a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture: Addressing challenges of water, soil, energy and biodiversity".

The project is funded by the European program PRIMA (Partnership for Research & Innovation in the Mediterranean region).

The Laboratory of Environmental Engineering and Management of our School participates in the project and Asst. Prof. Alexandros Stefanakis is the scientific coordinator for TUC. Project partners come from Germany (Hamburg University of Technology), Turkey (Akdeniz University, Ankara University) and Portugal (University of Beira Interior).

The ReMe-diation project will explore various approaches and measures for a circular and economically, ecologically and socially more sustainable agriculture with focusing on the valorization of olive mills waste and cork processing waste.