New book: HAZARDOUS WASTE: Management | Treatment | Disposal

A new book entitled "HAZARDOUS WASTE: Management | Treatment | Disposal" is published by the Technical University of Crete Publications (Chania 2021) with authors Evangelos Gidarakos, Emeritus Professor of the School of Environmental Engineering and Maria Aivalioti, Ph.D. graduate of the same School.

The book focuses on hazardous waste (HW), a special and broad category of waste, which needs special management, due to its particularities and the threats it poses to human health and the environment in general. First, it clarifies terms and concepts, which are related to HW and are widely found in legislation, technical texts and the literature. It then presents basic methods for managing, treating and disposing HW, which are either already widely used and proven to be effective, or innovative, promising and still under evaluation. Next, an extensive reference is made to basic concepts of toxicology, as toxicity is perhaps the most common and highly studied HW property, directly related to human and not only health. Finally, the fourth and last part of the book focuses on selected categories of HW, which are either very common or show particular difficulties and requirements in their management.

Available in Greek by the Property Utilization and Management Company of the Technical University of Crete