Eureca Pro: Διάλεξη της Κοσμήτορος Καθηγ. Δ. Κολοκοτσά "Energy Crisis and Future Cities"| 17 Ιανουαρίου, 12:00 (EET)

The European University on Responsible Consumption and Production, organizes the fourth free online lecture series, consisting of a series of 14 lectures presented by leading professors and researchers of nine European universities from eight countries. The lectures of this series focus on the topic of Responsible Consumption are intended to provide an introduction and initial overview of the multi-faceted nature of responsible consumption, illustrated by the following thematic areas: Sustainable Development Goals, European Union and Culture, Responsible Mining Approach, Circular Economy, Sustainability and Energy Technologies, Key role of materials in responsible production.

The 8th lecture of the series is titled: Energy Crisis and Future Cities

and will be delivered by Professor Denia KolokotsaTechnical University of Crete, Greece

on the following date/time

January 17, 2023 | 12:00 EET (11:00 CET)

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Seven municipalities that are exposed to diverse climatic conditions and challenges around Europe have been identified as case studies: Each city has identified a large-scale site for co-designing and implementing local actions, delivering added value by establishing sustainable models for increasing health and well-being (H&WB) of its citizens. The visionary solutions are based on an innovative cross-sectorial approach, by combining urban digital transformation and nature-based actions. In this lecture, the development process of these visionary ideas into feasible actions is approached by following a bottom-up planning and co-design participatory process involving local stakeholders, assuming a “multiple benefits” perspective and, also addressing social issues and cultural diversion. The research interests of Denia Kolokotsa include manifold detailed approaches of energy management for the built environment, such as energy efficiency and renewables, cool materials in buildings or artificial intelligence.